As temperatures rise, thieves come out of the woodwork

EDMONDS, Wash. -- Spring weather might finally be around the corner, but not everyone is happy about the warming temperatures.

The Snohomish County sheriff's office says better weather brings a bump in crime as thieves prey on those who finally get outside and get careless.

Officials from the sheriff's office say theft is a persistent problem at southwest Snohomish County's Picnic Point. Hiker Evelyn Thompson has seen it first hand.

One day, some years ago, she actually caught a culprit in the act at Meadowdale Beach Park.

"I had some change on a console. That was all it took for him to smash the window," she said.

It seems all these years later, someone's at it again. Broken glass in the very same parking lot is evidence that the crooks are coming back.

Annette Stout noticed the glass when she came back from a hike.

"Who knows where they're hiding or lurking, because once you go down on the trail, it takes 40 minutes to an hour to get back," she said.

Hiker Michael Fuqua takes all his valuables with him as a precaution.

"I don't keep expensive things in my car. It's usually bare," he said.

That's one tip from the sheriff's office. The other is to always keep your car doors locked.

"They post that this stuff kind of happens. It's kind of common sense to take your stuff out of the car," said hiker Zach Johnston.

Sheriff's office officials say both urban trails and more remote ones are being hit. They're asking hikers to call the police if they see anything suspicious.