As Mercer corridor work continues, expect big delays

SEATTLE -- Big delays are expected on Monday as the city of Seattle's Mercer Street construction continues.

Thousands of people trying to get through the Mercer Street corridor experienced delays this weekend.

Some of that work wound down on Sunday, but new closures and reconfigurations will affect the Monday morning commute so expect big delays.

Here's what awaits drivers who travel through the Mercer corridor for Monday:
  • Mercer Street has been reduced to two eastbound lanes between 4th and 9th avenues.

  • Only local access is available at Taylor Ave.

  • The sidewalk on the north side of Mercer is closed between 5th and Dexter.

  • Broad Street to I-5 is now back to traffic in both directions, but in a year, it will close permanently and get torn down.

  • The northbound off ramp from State Route 99 to Mercer St. is permanently closed.
A signal at the intersection of Republican and Dexter is set up for northbound traffic from 99 to reach South Lake Union.

The $95 million project is expected to take two-and-a-half years and is scheduled to be completed by mid-2015, according to the Seattle Dept. of Transportation.