Another Marysville parent makes school abuse allegations

MARYSVILLE, Wash. -- One week after a Marysville mother came forward with allegations that her special-needs daughter was put in a {A href=""}storage closet for punishment, another local parent is speaking out about similar claims.

Michelle Olson said she broke down last week when she heard the story of second-grader Katie Wilson, who was allegedly put in a small "isolation room" as punishment.

"I cried, because it's like I know what she's going through," Olson said. "You find out your child is locked in a room."

Olson said the allegations immediately brought her back to the worst day of her life,.

"They called me and said, 'Your son is on the way to the hospital because he tried to hang himself in the quiet room,'" Olson said.

While in a quiet room in 2009, Olson said her son, a special needs fourth grader named Sam, unraveled his sock and tied it around his neck and the door handle in a suicide attempt. The boy survived.

"He felt so belittled and ashamed and he said, 'Mom, they keep telling me I'm bad,'" Olson said.

Internal school documents show that Sam had been placed in the quiet room prior to the day of the suicide attempt. He was put there for what his mother calls one of his "meltdowns."

Olson said Sam claims the teacher wouldn't let him go to the bathroom, so he wet his pants. Police documents reveal the teacher put Sam's face an inch from the urine puddle.

"And (the teacher) said, 'If you act like a dog, you will be treated like a dog,'" Olson said.

Outraged, some of the school staff asked police to investigate. The prosecutor's office determined the actions weren't criminal, but said it "couldn't believe the Marysville School policy would allow these actions."

Olson, along with Kate Wilson's mom Angi, have launched a partnership and are calling on other parents to speak out.

"I'm furious that it could happen. I'm furious that no one stepped in," said Angi Wilson.

The Marysville School District did not returned repeated calls for comment on the story. Last week, a district official said they were investigating the most recent allegations and had put two staff members on paid administrative leave.

The district admits to using quiet rooms, but says isolation rooms are against school policy.