Anonymous love letters to be written, left around Port Angeles

PORT ANGELES, Wash. -- A fresh bouquet of love letters soon will be written to Port Angeles.

These aren't the usual love letters.

They are anonymous messages of affirmation, handwritten and left for strangers to find on store shelves, in bus shelters or peeking from under doormats.

This is the "We Need More Love Letters" project, begun in New York City by a woman suffering from depression.

Hannah Brencher sought to lift her spirits by penning love letters to fellow citizens of the world, and then leaving them around town for those perfect strangers to find.

Brencher's letters have since turned into a nationwide effort and, of course, a website inviting writers:

Now, Kristin Halberg, Mindy Aisling and Marie McCartney, all of Port Angeles, have decided their community could use some love,