Animal rights activists protest Everett biomedical lab

EVERETT, Wash. -- Dozens of protestors gathered at an Everett biomedical research lab on Monday to protest what they call cruel and potentially illegal experimentation on animals.

The protestors claim SNBLUSA, which is based in Japan but headquartered in Everett, is violating the Animal Welfare Act with unimaginable abuse against animals.

"They're using all sorts of animals, from primates to rats, in no particular order. All sorts of cruel, invasive experiments," said protestor Dave Bemel.

The protestors say the dissections and testing the company uses are scientifically outdated and morally wrong.

"It makes me sad that we're doing this to animals," said Amanda Schemkes of the group Action for Animals. "We have so many alternatives now for testing and we don't need to be doing this any more. The money should be going into researching those alternatives."

On a company website, SNBLUSA says animals play a critical role in research for medical procedures and drugs. The company argues it does not "dishonor" the contributions animals make, and goes on to say the company complies with government and industry regulations and uses alternative methods when possible.

The protestors say they want to educate people about what is allegedly happening at SNBLUSA.

"People in Everett should know what's going on," Schemkes said. "This is in their backyard, and when people find out, a lot of them are not happy to learn this is going on."