Animal cruelty charges now pending against Edmonds dog owner

EDMONDS, Wash. -- A dog owner in Edmonds and her boyfriend are about to get slapped with animal cruelty charges.

After reviewing video evidence that shows some of those dogs attacking another and others allegedly being manhandled, police say they have seen enough and are asking prosecutors to file charges.

A video posted online of three dogs attacking another is now critical evidence in a case of alleged animal cruelty against dog owner Rose Adams. Police say a second video is grounds for charging Adams' boyfriend, George Beutler, who is seen allegedly kicking a dog and dragging it by a hind leg.

Police seized 14 dogs Tuesday from Adams' home and found fresh and old wounds all over Sadie, a white pit bull seen being attacked in the video.

"Bite marks, cuts all over her body -- that was pretty disturbing," said Debbie Dawson with Edmonds Police Animal Control.

Police say a second pit bull has even more injuries -- bite marks and severe leg injury -- possibly from a kick.

Buetler claims the dog was starting to run back toward the other dog again, and that's what happens when you try to break up a dog fight.

We asked him if he thought it was a cruel or wrong way to handle a dog.

"If you knew how bad my knees were, I can't really put much pressure there," he said.

Now a judge will decide on the alleged crimes.

Logan Broliath, Adams' son, first posted the dog fight video on Facebook.

"She deserves it," Broliath said.

But he says police waited too long to act.

"I'm pissed that it took this long," he said.

He filed a police report back in March accusing his mother of having more than the legal limit of five dogs and neglecting them.

"That video goes up, which they told me not to post, and two days they got her arrested!" Broliath said.

Dawson says they've known for a long time there might be more than five dogs, "but proving that has been very difficult from our level."

Edmonds Police insist until the latest videos and a witness account, it could not get a warrant to search the house sooner.

"What we received this week was rock solid proof," Dawson said.

Other neighbors insist they've been complaining for years about Adams.

Police arrested Beutler Wednesday night.

Wednesday, the petition site has collected 6,000 signatures demanding Adams be charged. As for the dogs, they remain in care of a shelter and most will likely be adopted out.