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Security for your home.
Video intercoms add security and value to your home. The simple act of opening your front door also opens your home to risk. With Aiphone video intercoms, family members young and old can easily see who is at the door before opening it.

Communicate with family.
Install intercoms in different rooms to communicate with family. Check in on children or monitor older parents.

Wired vs. Wireless.
Aiphone's wired intercoms are interference free unlike wireless intercoms, which are affected by microwaves and Wi-Fi. With Aiphone intercoms, every conversation is crystal clear.

Easy to install.
If you have a doorbell, you can install an Aiphone video intercom. Our intercoms use conventional doorbell wire. They are energy efficient and safe to install.

Aiphone intercoms. How do you even say that?
Our intercoms are pronounced "A-phone". They have been securing schools, office buildings, hospitals, and prisons for over 40 years. Let Aiphone secure your home.

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