After 3 car wrecks in 5 months, local woman making a big move

SEATTLE -- Things are finally looking up for a Seattle woman who survived three separate car crashes in a five-month span.

This weekend, Joya Iverson will open the very first coffee shop in her neighborhood, Hillman City.

At Tin Umbrella Coffee, Iverson hopes to serve up a little neighborhood unity in each and every cup. She'll also sell it by the pound.

Despite Seattle's reputation for being one of the most coffee crazed cities in the country, Tin Umbrella will be Hillman City's first coffee shop and roaster. The company will also deliver coffee beans by bike.

"Life is precious and amazing and really short. And if it sounds cliche, it's the truth. Do something amazing and big," Iverson said.

Iverson knows life is precious because she almost lost hers. Last year, a speeding car lost control in the snowy mountains and slammed into Iverson's car.

"Hitting the passenger side and basically ripping it apart. I hit my head, did 360s down the highway, they flipped over. It was just kind of awful," Iverson said.

The crash left her with a brain injury, vision problems and more. She had a long recuperation at home, and when she finally ventured outside things got even worse.

Unbelievably, Iverson was hit by two more cars in the next five months.

"Three car accidents in five months and my life looked nothing like it had before," she said.

That stretch of horrendous luck sparked some deep soul searching and a simple revelation -- she wanted to be able to walk into a coffee shop.

"Maybe if I do something different with my life, maybe this is life trying to steer me in a different direction. What do I do with this?" she said.

It was then that the idea for Tin Umbrella was born.

Just six months ago Iverson was trying to count her blessings in frustration, but now she's finding comfort by sharing a cup of coffee.

The coffee shop will open on Friday, and Iverson is using a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for the roasting part of the business.