Accused murderer: 'I killed my own kid and I don't know why'

SEATTLE -- The Lacey man accused of brutally murdering his 3-year-old son in Montana last week told his father, "I killed my own kid and I don't know why," according to court documents.

Jeremy Brent Cramer, 38, was arrested late on July 8 after a clerk at an Anaconda, Montana gas station spotted him in the restroom trying to wash blood off his body and clothes.

Just a day earlier, Cramer left Lacey with his 3-year-old son, Broderick. He told his wife he was "going to take the boy for a while," according to court documents. His wife, Nataliya, became concerned hours later when she hadn't heard from Cramer.

When several calls and text messages to Cramer went unanswered, Nataliya called Lacey police to report the boy missing.

After Cramer's arrest in Montana, police learned from Washington officials that Broderick was missing and began searching for the child. His body was found July 9 about 150 to 200 yards away from Cramer's pickup on a rural road about five miles south of Anaconda.

Anaconda-Deer Lodge County Attorney Ben Krakowka said Broderick likely died of blunt- and sharp-force trauma injuries. A bloody knife and two bloody rocks were found near the boy.

At the time of his arrest, Cramer was carrying a prescription bottle of generic Adderall, according to police. The 60-pill prescription had been filled less than a week earlier, but was completely empty when he was taken in.

In an interview with police, Cramer's brother said Cramer should not have been prescribed the drug because he was a former methamphetamine user.

On July 9, before police found Broderick, Cramer called his father from a jail telephone. In the phone call, which was recorded by jail staff, Cramer told his dad that Broderick "... started talking in tongues and it wasn't right," according to police.

Asked if Broderick was alright, Cramer said "I don't think so." When his father asked if the boy was alive, Cramer said "I don't think so."

Pressed further by his dad, Cramer said "I was walking and I have blood on me. We were having hallucinations. I just lost my best friend and I don't know why," according to a police transcript of the phone call.

When his father told him the boy could still be alive, Cramer said, "Dad, he's dead, dead, dead, dead, because I know he is."

Cramer's father then asked how he could be sure Broderick was dead, to which Cramer said, "Because I did it. I still got my son's blood on me."

Later in the same conversation, Cramer said, "I killed my own kid and I don't know why," and then asked, "why did I take all my pills?"

Cramer has been charged with deliberate homicide and is jailed on $250,000 bond.