Accused Green Lake shooter says she nearly shot second employee

SEATTLE -- A Seattle Parks Department employee accused of shooting a coworker at a Green Lake maintenance building Friday told detectives she would have shot another employee if she hadn't given the right answers.

Carolyn "Zoom" Piksa remains held on $1 million bail as prosecutors on Wednesday charged Piksa with assault in the shooting that left fellow employee Bill Keller wounded.

In an interview with detectives after her arrest, Piksa claimed that Keller and another employee had been involved in what she described as a "game of manipulation" in which Piksa felt she could never win. Piksa believed the two had conspired to remove contact information from her cell phone, take money from her bank account and had caused noises at night which prevented her from sleeping, according to court documents.

She told detectives she wanted to "get out of the game" so she grabbed a gun from her truck and went into Keller's office around 2 p.m., the documents said.

Piksa confronted Keller and told detectives when Keller didn't give the answers she wanted to hear, she pulled out her gun and pointed it at his head. She claimed Keller pointed to his chest and told her to shoot him, according to the documents.

Keller, in an interview with detectives from his hospital bed, gave a slightly different account. He said he pleaded with Piksa not to shoot him in the head and that Piksa lowered the gun, checked the chamber for ammunition, then raised the gun and shot him in the chest.

As Keller lay bleeding on the floor, Piksa left the office, grabbed her lunch from the refrigerator, then went to the Bitter Lake Community Center, investigators said.

There, she confronted another employee who she believed was in on the "game of manipulation." Upon entering her office, Piksa first asked her if she had spoken to Keller. When the employee said no, Piksa replied: "Maybe I should just shoot you now!" The employee responded: "Don't talk like that" and began to leave, but Piksa tried to block her exit, investigators wrote. Piksa pulled out a gun but the employee managed to run away, yelling to staff members that Piksa had a gun and to evacuate the building.

Piksa left in her truck and was arrested about two hours later at her Burien home.

In her interview with detectives, Piksa said had the Bitter Lake employee given the wrong answers to her questions and not run out of the office, she would have shot her too. She said it was time to "put her cards on the table" and "now I'm out of the game."

Piksa's next court appearance is scheduled for March 27. Keller is still recovering at Seattle's Harborview Medical Center and has been upgraded to satisfactory condition.