Accused Everett mall shooter facing 12th felony conviction

EVERETT, Wash. -- The man and woman accused of wrestling with security guards and firing a gun inside the Everett mall on Tuesday went before a judge on Thursday.

The couple already has 19 felony convictions between them, which has many wondering why they were able to roam free and allegedly cause such mayhem in a public place.

Charles Sprague appeared in Snohomish County Court via teleconference, and his face still showed the bruises he received during a Tuesday scuffle with security guards inside a Macy's store.

Police say he fought with two guards and fired a gun inside the store after he was caught shoplifting a Nike t-shirt.

Sprague's girlfriend, Stephanie Boyle, also appeared before a judge, accused of attacking the guards and running away.

"As they're doing this she jumped on the back of one of the individual to get him away from Mr. Sprague," said a Snohomish County prosecutor.

Boyle already has eight felony convictions to her name, while Sprague has been convicted of 11 felony crimes.

Many now wonder why those lengthy rap sheets weren't enough to keep them in prison. So far, neither qualifies for a Third Strike sentence because most of their crimes were non violent or were committed when they were juveniles.

Prosecutors are now looking into whether the same gun used inside Macy's is linked to a previous crime.

"Miss Boyle is implicated in a number of other burglaries around town," the prosecutors said.

Prosecutors say both Boyle and Sprague are suspects in several burglaries around Everett, including one where the homeowner reported two guns stolen.

Sprague is being help on $250,000 bail, while Boyle's bail was set at $100,000.

Boyle is currently pregnant with Sprague's child, according to Boyle's mother.