7 Seattle maps that are definitely not for tourists

Seattle is full of hidden gems. But how do you, as a resident of the city or surrounding areas, find them all without paying for a costly guided tour or bumbling around with your face pressed to a slightly-outdated book designed for tourists? This summer, take advantage of the sun and get outside with these seven web-based maps. While the insider info may interest tourists, they are definitely geared more toward locals who want to know more about their own Emerald City.

From the spots featured in popular cultural references to the town (which can be surprisingly difficult to find, even if you walk these streets every day) to the best places to do everything, these maps and apps can help you find a bathroom, a bar, or that thing you saw in that movie that one time and thought "Wait, was that Seattle?"

Historic Seattle: Coupled with old photos of the city, this Google map is perfect for practicing your then-and-now photography all over town. It's brought to you by Vintage Seattle, a blog about, well, vintage Seattle. The map also extends well into King County, so even folks in the 'burbs can get in on the action.

Posse on Broadway: Yup, this map just features every location mentioned in Sir Mix-a-Lot's iconic what's-what of the Seattle hip-hop scene circa 1988. Unfortunately, many of the locations are gone or different, so you're going to have to go to Rancho Bravo to do your Mexican eatin'.

Seattle Beer Map: Need a pint, STAT? This is the only resource you'll ever need.

Anthony Bourdain's Layover map: Compiled by a Redditor, this Google map finally categorizes most of the places that the Travel Channel host hit up during his now-legendary trip around the city. This one is maybe a little more geared toward visitors who have seen the episode, but be honest: Did you actually know where Henry's Taiwan was?'s Insider's Guide: Courtesy of the City itself, this map has oodles of information about Seattle's music history, including plenty of lingering grunge memories. It also has a special section just for all-ages music, making it perfect for parents looking to help their kids rock out in a safe space. Some of the spots are seriously off-the-path, so pack a sandwich and get ready to get lost at home.

Graveyard worker bars: Most Seattle bars open and start serving liquor at around 4pm, but for late-night workers who spend most of the day sleeping, that's highly inconvenient especially considering that, legally, bars can begin serving at 6am. This Google map has pulled together which ones do just that. Night owls, take note: This map is for you.

Public restrooms: Coupled with notes about the quality and accessibility, this is an essential map to have bookmarked on your phone. It's exactly what it sounds like.