60-years later, local vet awarded Silver Star medal

Bill Wuorinen, a veteran who fought in the Korean War, was finally awarded the Silver Star medal in his hometown of Naselle, Washington.

82-year-old Wuorinen should have been awarded the medal after acts of heroism in 'Little Gibraltar,' a battle leaving only 16 American soldiers standing. Wuorinen had rescued a colonel with the help of another solider.

But a mix-up in paperwork had listed Wuorinen as a medic, making him ineligible for the medal.

A fellow veteran, Nick Kikkila, and a group of high school history students took interest in Wuorinen's story, writing letters to politicians in hopes that the issue would be resolved.

Weeks later, friends and family gathered in the Naselle gym to watch Wuorinen receive his medal.