$5M bail for man accused of shooting up Tacoma neighborhood

TACOMA, Wash. -- A man accused of firing shots on the streets of his Fife Heights neighborhood and then engaging police in a four-hour standoff had been charged with attempted murder.

Mike McBee pleaded not guilty during his arraignment in Pierce County Superior Court Wednesday and was ordered held on $5 million bail.

Prosecutors say McBee went into a neighbor's garage Tuesday afternoon and yelled he was going to kill them. He then opened fire on three people inside the garage, narrowly missing one of them as they took cover.

McBee pointed the gun at the man he narrowly missed and told him to run, which he did, investigators said.

After another shot was fired, the second victim ran out a side door and McBee chased after him, firing two more shots, investigators said. Both missed.

McBee returned to the home where he saw the third victim, a woman, behind a sliding glass door. He fired a shot at her through the door, then went into the home trying to find her, prosecutors said. Unsuccessful, he went back into the garage, fired several more shots, then returned to his home where the standoff with police ensued.

About four hours and several canisters of tear gas later, McBee peacefully surrendered.

"The defendant terrorized a neighborhood," Prosecutor Mark Lindquist said in a statement to the press. "We will prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law. We're lucky, and grateful, nobody was killed."

It's still unclear why the man apparently snapped, but Troyer said a combination of alcohol, mental illness and prescription medication may have played a role. Neighbors told detectives that McBee has had several arguments with neighbors and had recently been in a fight with one of the victims.

McBee's next court appearance is scheduled for April 12.