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5 Home Maintenance Tips for Summer

Nothing says summer like a big "to-do" list. With longer days and warmer temperatures, summer is the perfect time to take stock of your home's condition and make any (hopefully minor) repairs and upgrades. But there's no need to spend your entire summer with a tool in hand. Here are five home maintenance tips to check off your list, so you can enjoy the sun.

1. Take stock of your roof.
The storms of winter and spring can take a toll on the part of your home most meant to protect you, the roof. Check for loose or broken shingles and loose chimney bricks and mortar. Check your skylights from inside the home for any stains, which could indicate water leakage.

2. Check your gutters and drainage.
Clear your gutters of any debris that may have accumulated over the winter and spring. Especially with the wet spring we've had it is a good idea to look for signs of bending or damage and replace any gutters that are leaking. Likewise, check your foundation for standing water. Soil should slope away from your foundation at a rate of six vertical inches over the first 10 feet. If you do have puddles around your home, consider consulting an expert about installing a drain to keep water from weakening your home's foundation.

3. Clean your windows.
On a sunny day, take a towel and eco-friendly cleaner and go to town on those smeared and smudged windows. Clean windows let more sunlight in, which is good for the spirit and helpful once fall arrives again and the temperatures cool off. A simple cleaning solution can be made with one part vinegar to eight parts water and a few squirts of dish soap. For second or third floor windows it may be a good idea to hire a window cleaning company to do at least the outside of the house.

4. Replace damaged window screens
Once your window glass is clean, take a good look at the screen. Check for any rips or holes and repair or replace the screen. You'll be thankful you did when you see a big wasp buzzing around outside.

5. Repair or clean your deck/patio space.
You'll be spending a lot of time outside this summer, so make sure that space is ready for action. If you have cement or concrete, a good power washing can make your patio look brand new. Power washing is not recommended for wood decks but you should wash it off, checking for any loose boards or posts and repair or replace them as needed. Your deck can also get an upgrade with re-staining.

It doesn't take much to get your home ready for summer. Tackle that to-do list now so you can fully enjoy the sun over the next few months.

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