2,736 people in King Co. spent last night without shelter

More than 2,700 men, women and children spent last night sleeping in cars, tents, buses, emergency rooms, or just under blankets in doorways and under bridges, according to King County's 33rd annual One Night Count. That's a 5-percent increase from last year.

Very early Friday morning, approximately 800 volunteers spread out from 10 locations around the county to count every person they saw outside.

King County's One Night Count, part of a national effort, is organized by the Seattle/King County Coalition on Homelessness.

Coalition Executive Director Alison Eisinger said the count serves as a call to action at the beginning of the year for everyone concerned about the homeless crisis.

"The One Night Count is a humbling experience," Eisinger said in a press release. "This morning, we are especially reminded that everyone should have a place to call home."

The count highlights people who spent the night without basic shelter. It doesn't tally anyone staying in shelters or transitional housing.

The Seattle/King County Coalition on Homelessness hopes results from the One Night Count will impact the decisions of elected officials and city planners.
Results of the 2013 One Night Count in King County.