20-year-old Seattle woman drowns in lake near Shelton

SHELTON, Wash. -- A 20-year-old Seattle woman drowned Sunday night while swimming in Lake Nawatzel.

Katrina A. Taylor was with a group of friends at the lake when she decided to swim out to a buoy, said Det. William Adam with the Mason County Sheriff's Office.

However, friends called for help after they noticed Taylor went under water, and then didn't resurface.

Firefighter and medics searched the waters and eventually located Taylor under 19 feet of water about 126 feet from the dock, but couldn't reach her. A member of the Mason County Dive Rescue Team was finally able to reach the woman, pull her out of the water and begin CPR, but by that time, Taylor had been under water for an hour.

They rushed the woman back to shore where medics continued CPR, but she was eventually pronounced dead at the scene.

Police are still investigating the death.