1964 & the Hermits at Showare

As a Beatles fan from way back, I always wanted to experience a "live" concert by the Fab Four. But, I never got the chance.

Then an opportunity came up this December that I couldn't pass up.

"1964, The Tribute" came rolling into to town to Showare Center and my wife and I jumped at the chance.

This group has been together for 30 years, longer than the Beatles.

And they've perfected the music. It's exact. The guitar work, the drums and the vocals are probably as good as any live Beatles performance ever was.

Their show is Early Beatles, that period up to about the Rubber Soul album, nothing later than that. So, it's as if you're frozen in time with a performance from, well, 1964.

When they take the stage they ARE the Beatles of that period, the way they dress, comb their hair and they way they talk.

Making this show even more memorable was the addition of a real British invasion group. Herman's Hermits starring Peter Noone was also on the bill doing all of his hits from, you guessed it, around 1964.

Peter tours with the Hermits regularly and puts on a great show.

The entertainment value of his performance makes it worth the admission.

Plus the Hermits play those tunes just like you were there, then.

And since it was a Holiday show they mixed a lot of seasonal music into those Hermits hits.

Speaking of a Holiday Show. The real magic happened when local resident and longtime drummer with the group "Yes," Alan White took the stage with the Hermits.

A portion of show's proceeds went to the charitable group "Music Aid Northwest," which Alan and his wife Gigi spearheaded.

This organization supports music education for underprivileged kids, mainly with a special State License Plate you can order from the DOL.

In Alan's long musical history, he was also a member of John Lennon's "Plastic Ono" band and played on the holiday standard "Happy Christmas."

And that's the song he did on stage with Peter and the Hermits. Wow. That was a real musical event.

In fact, I spoke with Gigi after the show and she said in their 30 years of marriage she had never seen her husband actually perform that song live.

It was a great show and a lot of fun getting into rock n' roll full "scream" mode.

Listen to my story and hear some of that great music the early 60's.