19-year-old driver spooked by cop car crashes into Kent salon

KENT, Wash. - A salon owner is cleaning up Friday morning after a spooked driver crashed into her building overnight.

And she says this isn't even the first time her salon has been hit by a car.

In this case, police say, a patrol car spooked the 19-year-old driver even though the officer had no intention of pulling him over.

But the driver had been pulled over once before without a license and given a warning - he was told he'd be in real trouble if he was caught again.

So when he saw the patrol car, he hit the gas and missed a turn at Central Avenue and Meeker Street - and slammed into the Style Maker Salon. The impact shattered windows and scattered material inside the salon.

The 19-year-old driver is now in jail for investigation of reckless driving and driving while impaired.

Salon manager Jeanne Bowman says a heart attack victim hit the exact same spot about five or six years ago.

"This must just be a corner that they can't make if they're impaired at all, so it could happen again," she says.