13-year-old boy: 'I shot my best friend'

PUYALLUP, Wash. - Police have taken one 13-year-old boy into custody following the fatal shooting of another 13-year-old boy in Puyallup Thursday afternoon.

Around 3 p.m. Carol Sharick witnessed a group of teen boys running out of the house next to hers. Police say one of them accidentally shot another as they were looking at a gun.

"He rocked back and forth and was saying, 'I shot my best friend!'," Sharick says. "And it's just unbelievable."

Medics rushed the injured teen to the hospital. The teen had a shotgun wound to the chest, and later died at Tacoma General Hospital.

Police say the teen was accidentally shot when a group of boys were playing with a shotgun after school. There were five teens hanging out at the home, and police say they were unsupervised.

The 13-year-old boy who lives at the home took the gun out to show his friends. A second boy began to handle it when it fired once, fatally wounding another.

"Definitely didn't think the weapon was real apparently and fired the weapon. Some of those questions are still things investigators are trying to sort through," Captain Scott Engle with Puyallup police said.

Investigators say one of the boys began trying to save his friend's life, and another dialed 911.

Of the five teens who witnessed the shooting, only two were at the residence when police arrived. All teens and some parents were present for questioning at the Puyallup Police Station.

Detectives questioned the teens and are investigating the incident as an unintentional shooting.

Following the questioning, police took one 13-year-old boy into custody and say he will be booked into juvenile detention center Raymond Hall. No other arrests are expected to be made Thursday night.