13-year-old accused in vicious Westlake beating

SEATTLE -- A 13-year-old boy is accused in a vicious Westlake beating in July that triggered wake-up calls for increased police presence in downtown Seattle.

The victim, Joey Crudo, was shocked to see how young his attacker was, and says "it saddened me a little bit because it seemed like someone failed him."

Crudo wants justice served for the teen that police say was one in a group that did this to him.

"I hope for his future someone intervenes, and can be a good mentor for him," Crudo says. "He is very young, and has a lot of time left."

The attack happened in July at Westlake Park around 7 p.m. Crudo, a condo building security guard, saw a group stealing a man's backpack and shouted to warn the victim. The group turned on him, beating him unconscious for his wallet.

The incident was one of many that prompted downtown businesses to ask the city and Seattle police to do more to protect citizens.

"The mayor did know about the violence downtown," Crudo says. "As he said before, the crime rate has dropped. That may be true from a statistical standpoint, but what we see down here the crime rate is increasing."

Crudo's injuries kept him off the job for two months, he says he hopes the teen will do the right thing and turn in the others involved in the attack.